Alice Ford in FALSTAFF - Opera National de Paris, October 2017

Aleksandra Kurzak was a great surprise in the role of Alice Ford. Her voice is fresh, without any flaw on a musical standpoint, so that she perfectly illustrates Verdi's intentions when he said, more or less, that after Falstaff, Alice was the most important character of the work, because, without having in her score any particular passage for vocal demonstration, she had to be a real devil, because she is the one who holds all the keys of the comic plot. As an actress, she lived up to her suitor.

L'ape musicale

On a musical standpoint, the cast is savory for the harmony and homogeneity of the performers, and they are all good: from the monumental Falstaff by Sir Bryn Terfel [...] to a brilliant Ford by Franco Vassallo [...] up to the vivacious gossip trio formed by a surprising Aleksandra Kurzak (Alice), Julie White Pasturaud (Meg) and a wonderful Daniela Barcellona(Mrs Quickly) 

Rino Alessi Bella Una vita all'Opera

Alice Ford by Aleksandra Kurzak is delightfully mischievous, and her belcantist past still leaves pretty imprints in her singing and ornamentation"


Two female voices stand out to give the cue to Falstaff: the Polish soprano Aleksandra Kurzak as Alice Ford and Julie Fuchs as Nanette

Rue Du Théâtre

Comic dynamism and quality of the vocal ensembles, seducing voices, quiet and cynical charm of Aleksandra Kurzak as Alice Ford"


[Alongside great baritone Bryn Terfel], the rest of the cast gave a strong performance, with the unexpected and delightful Alice by Aleksandra Kurzak: her soprano is fruity and her acting full of delicacy

Alain Duault for Opera Online

 Aleksandra Kurzak combines the lightness of her top range with the playfulness of her vocal tone, for a charming Alice Ford.

Caroline Alexander for Webtheatre

Aleksandra Kurzak is a mischievous and ebullient Alice Ford, whose soprano voice with pleasant tone lets us hear clear and colorful charming top notes. Nice phrasing, pretty staccato, comfortable acting and precise vocal inflections fit in with her delicate look. Aleksandra Kurzak is a spicy Alice with relevant acting abilities.

Jocelyne De Nicola - GBOPERA

This Alice does wonders, by the fruity sound of her tone, the mischievous looseness of her singing, and the way she excels at enticing or rebuffing old John.

Jean Cabourg - Opéra Magazine

Aleksandra Kurzak as Alice Ford beams with ease on stage, her vocal line is beautiful.

Sabino Pena Arcia - Classiquenews

The cast is of great luxury. Highly acclaimed, Aleksandra Kurzak's Mrs. Ford is mischievous and artful with a bronze and iron soprano.

Patrick de Maria - Culture Weekend

Aleksandra Kurzak combines the gracefulness of her top notes with the playfulness of her acting for portraying a charming Alice Ford.

Caroline Alexander - Webtheatre

Star of an entertaining and exciting performance, Bryn Terfel portrays Sir John, drunk, whom the ladies of Windsor (excellent: "Alice" by Aleksandra Kurzak and "Nanetta" by Julie Fuchs) take to task about his audacity.

Karlheinz Roschitz - Kronen Zeitung