Blonde in DIE ENTFÜHRUNG AUS DEM SERAIL – Metropolitan Opera New York, April 2008

Aleksandra Kurzak carried off the "hands on hips" shtick and gratuitous bowing here required of Blonde with amusing aplomb...vocally Kurzak's bracingly clear tone proved uncommonly pleasing..."Welche Wonne" was delightful.

Opera News - David Shengold

A surprise hit of the evening was Aleksandra Kurzak, the Polish soprano singing Blondchen. She was just right: spirited, compelling, and graceful. She showed an enormous vocal range, traveling from a low A flat — or G sharp, if you like — to a high E. She was ever a treat to watch and listen to. It should not have been easy, being a coloratura soprano onstage with Diana Damrau. Yet, for Ms. Kurzak, it was.

The New York Sun - Jay Nordlinger

As the secondary couple, the serving class Pedrillo and Blondchen, Steve Davislim and Aleksandra Kurzak, a tenor and soprano new to the Met, were very much in the spirit of the piece…Kurzak, on the other hand, is ideal, bouncing ou

Classic - Robert Levine

Another problem was that with a few exceptions, nobody seemed to be having a particularly good time. Yes, Aleksandra Kurzak, as Blondchen, did have the wonderful coquette’s role, and in giving her rules of etiquette to Osmin, it seemed a parody of Deborah Kerr in King And I. …Ms. Kurzak was more than sweet: she had the edge which gives character to Blondche. - Harry Rolnick

Here the comedy is left in the sure hands and surer voices of the lovers' servants, Blondchen (a delicious Aleksandra Kurzak)

New York Post - Clive Barnes

There were plenty of sparks between him and Blondchen, Konstanze’s perky maid, nimbly sung and portrayed with bubbly vivacity by Aleksandra Kurzak.

The New York Times - Vivien Schweitzer

Aleksandra Kurzak, the new Blondchen, Konstanze's maid, contributed sprightly accounts of "Durch Zärtlichkeit" (Through tenderness) and "Welche Wonne, welche Lust" (What delight, what joy). She took both the high Es of the former and low As and A-flat in the subsequent duet with her captor, Osmin very much in her stride. - Bruce-Michael Gelbert