Gilda in RIGOLETTO - Royal Opera House London, September 2014

In Aleksandra Kurzak we have a Gilda of wonderful quality, among the best exponents of this role that I have heard in some 60 years of Rigolettos. The Polish soprano has a lovely voice of excellent volume and projection, which she controls with immense artistry. In the difficult aria ‘Caro nome’, on this first-night, Maurizio Benini allowed her an unusual amount of expressive liberty, which she used to great effect. Any grumbles that she was trying to be too artistic, I would disagree with. Virtually duetting with leader Peter Manning’s superb violin obbligato, Kurzak had me in thrall (what a pity it was that thoughtless, ill-timed applause interrupted the close of this scene). In the duets, she appeared to have an instinctive understanding with Keenlyside and their collaboration reached its peak in the final tragic moments of the opera. She also acted well in a role that can seem a little … well … soppy.


Aleksandra Kurzak’s debut as Gilda is sensational: hitherto we’ve known this Polish soprano as a consummate comedienne, but this is a revelation. Every gesture and every note is convincing, and there’s no vanity in her coloratura, just the most delicate beauty; her ecstatic reverie ‘Caro nome’ has a breath-taking perfection.

The Independent

Kurzak shines… Aleksandra Kurzak’s exquisite, perfectly pitched Gilda …

The Stage

“Caro nome” was a highlight of the evening.

Seen and Heard International

Aleksandra Kurzak a vocally gleaming Gilda, who knows how to get every line to shine.

Financial Times


The performance of Polish soprano Aleksandra Kurzak as his daughter Gilda is if anything even better. Her crystal clear, heavenly voice is perfect for the role, to which she brought just the right level of youthfulness and vulnerability to stun the audience into complete silence during her longer arias. Kurzak turned her into a real star and her duets with Keenlyside were a real delight.


Kurzak is technically breathtaking…

The Guardian

The standout performance comes from Aleksandra Kurzak as Gilda, whose burnished voice is as vibrant as it is sweet and pure. In her heart stealing performance of ‘Gualtier Maldè!’ her tremolo is exquisite, and the following through and tapering off of phrases executed to perfection...