Gilda in RIGOLETTO - Metropolitan Opera New York, January 2009

The most consistent vocalist in the "Rigoletto" revival was soprano Aleksandra Kurzak as Gilda, previously heard in high soubrette roles like Olympia and Blondchen. She revealed a full lyric pearly-toned sheen in the middle voice and pure attacks on high allied to a genuine, human portrayal of a young woman whose honesty and goodness lead her astray in a corrupt world.

GayCityNews - Eli Jacobson

The long era of chirpy, lyric-coloratura Gildas may have seemed a dimming memory in recent decades, but they’re back, as Polish soprano Aleksandra Kurzak showed in this cast. Steady and clear in sound, poised in technique, she made an innocent, vulnerable girl, with little hint of nascent sensuality in Act I, or of darkening self-awareness and rising intensity in the scenes that followed... Kurzak had the brightness of sound to carry her lines over the Act III storm.

Opera News - John W. Freeman

Aleksandra Kurzak sang Gilda and hers is a limpid, fluid soprano that manipulated the coloratura moments with ease. "Caro nome," in which she sings of her love for the Duke, who has secretly wooed her in Rigoletto's garden, was sweetly sung.

The News Times - Chesley Plemmons

Aleksandra Kurzak (Gilda) added much fire and energy to the performance. Her 'Caro nome' was ardently sung with the top notes ringing true and full of emotive power. Gilda's duets with her father worked wonderfully. In the dying, and ultimately, death scene, Kurzak brought Gilda's final feelings brilliantly to life - something not easy to do while lying in a potato sack! Kurzak's superb coloratura soprano was put to productive and efficient use, as was her acting ability. Her presence was both subtle and obvious, and her performance never disappointed - Victor Wheeler

Mr. Filianoti seemed inspired here by the alluring performance of the Polish soprano Aleksandra Kurzak, who brought a luminous, impressively focused and agile coloratura voice and winsome sweetness to the role of Gilda…She is a coloratura soprano with great gifts and potential.

The New York Times - Anthony Tommasini

Aleksandra Kurzak’s performance as Gilda is the high point of the production. She is beautiful and at once a great actor and tremendous vocalist: she never hits a wrong note in any sense.

Columbia Spectator

As the daughter, Aleksandra Kurzak has a beautiful soprano that sweetly sings of love in her big Act Two arias.

EDGE New York City - Steve Weinstein

Gilda is the only other fully developed character in the opera. The soprano, Aleksandra Kurzak, an excellent actress, conveyed Gilda’s emotional progress from the naďve and cloistered young girl in the throes of a girlish crush to her decision to sacrifice her life for the Duke. Her coloratura was fine and she sang beautifully in her duets with Gagnidze and in the act three quartet and trio. - Arlene Judith Klotzko