Micaela in CARMEN - Opera National de Paris, March 2017

A tone of a rare purity, a flexibility of the vocal line, which sustains the sound while brightening it with splendid clarities, top notes pointing up to the sky, a pronunciation which - without being that of her husband - allows well enough to understand a text that she embodies with a great conviction. In short, wonderful art!

Opera-online, Alain Duault

The strength and soundness of the whole first act will entirely belong to Roberto Alagna and Aleksandra Kurzak, José and Micaëla. Their frank and fresh singing, without any quotes and distortion, thrilled the audience. Their duet ends in exquisite intimate sounds, whispered, very promising for the rest of the performance! A splendid Micaëla by Aleksandra Kurzak. The fact that she is capable of this bright lyricism after her staggering Rachel last summer says a great deal about her promises "

L'oeil et l'Oreille d'André Tubeuf

A genuine ray of sunshine in the fog, Aleksandra Kurzak saves the softness of Micaëla by her freshness, her sincerity and the brightness of her soprano tessitura

Aleksandra Kurzak has the grace of Micaëla, she owns her beautiful vocal line, the mellow top notes, she is very good, with gentle coquetry, in the initial scene, and also in the duet with Jose. Very nice also in the act 3 when she draws Jose out of the gypsy camp

Aleksandra Kurzak (whom we had loved very much as Maria Stuarda) is impeccable in the beautiful role of Micaela.

Micaela, embodied by Aleksandra Kurzak, is nothing but coyness, sanity and sweetness of which the singer makes a more than sumptuous honey

Aleksandra Kurzak, with bright top notes and very homogeneous voice was an ambiguous Micaela, swinging between sweetness and despair"


Amazing soprano Aleksandra Kurzak (Micaela) set our heart beating.



Vocally the greatest achievement of the evening is undoubtedly Aleksandra Kurzak's Micaëla, she embodies perfectly from one end to the other of the work, conveying in each note the infinite sweetness and great determination of the character. With an excellent diction, a velvet tone, a great homogeneity in her vocal ranges, effortless and airy top notes, the soprano takes us happily in the heart of a young Navarraise in love with her beautiful soldier.

Aleksandra Kurzak was the best musician of the evening to our ears, she has style and sensitivity

Der neue Merker