Mimi in La Boheme - Staatsoper Berlin, December 2016

Mimi moves to tears. Aleksandra Kurzak (Mimi) and Abdellah Lasri (Rodolfo) get time and again long, lasting and well deserved applause during their performance of their sad love duets, touching to tears. [...] The scene of Mimi's death get the tears flowing! The international audience, including many students, was not just enthusiastic but jubilant, greeting the show with a round of thunderous applause. - Eva-Maria Koch

Aleksandra Kurzak is a great Mimi: she uses her precious vocal soprano with delicacy, lyricism and wonderful brilliance. She is also capable of producing glorious nuances and blossoming melodic phrases. She owns a beautifully sustained piano which she uses skilfully and shows an unrivalled artistic intensity. The aria and the duet with Rodolfo in the first scene are just as poignant as the great farewell scene of the third act (and its touching 'Addio senza rancor', superb of expressiveness) as well as of course the scene of death and its reminiscences of the "frozen little hand" ... [...] This opera is just a very very very great show! Only too bad that the thunder of applause had resounded from the very last notes - we would gladly have exposed ourselves for a few moments longer to this overwhelming emotion. - Kaspar Sannemann