Desdemona in OTELLO - Wiener Staatsoper, March 2018

In the fourth act she sang the willow scene and the prayer just breathtakingly, well in line, but above all with incredible pianissimo top notes - there she is really a master. And there was also a great intimacy in her tone. Moreover, she (40’s is the new 20’s) acts like a young lady, a lively lover, not a suffering victim. - Renate Wagner for

A good amount of tension and intensity. Aleksandra Kurzak is performing as Desdemona alongside Roberto Alagna: The fragile touch of death-premonition that she exudes in the "Willow Song" and in the subsequent Ave Maria, becomes an enthralling introspection. - Florian Krenstetter for Kronen Zeitung 

Aleksandra Kurzak endowed with a tangy (but ultimately fine and delicate) soprano is an ideal partner alongside him: thanks to the total commitment of the two performers, their deadly confrontation appeared as an high point of musical Theater ‘par excellence’: finally, once again, all the power of the show comes from the singers. - Wilhelm Sinkovicz for Die Presse

Triumph! The new dream couple of opera thrilled in Verdi’s Otello – Cheers. E. Hirschmann for Östereich Daily

Aleksandra Kurzak increasingly showed vocal assurance. She was phenomenal : beautiful top notes made up of a delicate pianissimo, which she gradually deploys in ‘Messa di voce’ sung crescendo up to full voice, then made pianissimo again. Or she makes them sound so subtle,that the listnerer holds his breath before their fragile beauty. But she also manages deeper tones, softly ,by vocal technique. In her duets with Otello and in the quartet part, she was a sure, equal partner. She excelled in her aria of Desdemona’s memory (Willow song) – and in the subsequent prayer. - Terézia Ursínyová for Opera Slovakia