Liu in TURANDOT - Wiener Staatsoper, April 2018

Alongside Roberto Alagna, we first experienced Aleksandra Kurzak as a wonderful Liù. She effortlessly shadowed her Premiere-predecessors. She also got a lot of applause after her really soulful rendition of "Signore ascolta" and she was able to perform her great scene before suicide just as beautifully, heartfelt and sensitive. On the applause-meter, she run in a neck-and-neck race with Roberto Alagna - I would say: tie game. - Elena Habermann for MERKEROnline

Noteworthy is Aleksandra Kurzak’s performance as Liù, who first appeared cautious but then touched with much passion in her suicidal scene. Even the heart of a frostie lady get softened.” Katharina Hirschmann for Wiener Zeitung

The second great role debut of the evening was delivered by Alagna's wife, Aleksandra Kurzak, as the sacrificing slave. [...] Who has a lyrical appetite for a strong character with slightly smoky connotation, will cheer her as enthusiastically as the audience [...].”Walter Weidringer for Die Presse