Gretel in HANSEL & GRETEL - Metropolitan Opera New York, December 2011

...her singing and acting were first rate. She has a voice of purity and sweetness and she sang with the gentle lyricism of a young girl. The prayer sung with Kate Lindsey's marvelous Hansel was truly the musical highpoint of the performance. And both singers really did transform themselves into children; Aleksandra Kurzak lovely and vulnerable and Kate Lindsey all arms and legs and awkwardness and impetuosity. - Arlene Judith Klotzko

You had the sense that the cast knew its audience well. The mezzo-soprano Kate Lindsey, as Hansel, and the soprano Aleksandra Kurzak, as Gretel, sang beautifully and well...But it was the way these singers inhabited their roles physically that made this show such a joy. Ms. Kurzak flitted around the stage with endearing gracelessness: part childhood ballet training, part unsteady ankles.

The New York Times - Steve Smith

The vocal star of the evening was Aleksandra Kurzak as Gretel, singing with youthful, radiant tone and excellent musicianship...and she managed to play the youthful stuff as cute without being cloying.

Soprano Alexandra Kurzak was a sweetly lyrical Gretel with blooming high notes.

The Associated Press - Mike Silverman