Susanna in LE NOZZE DI FIGARO - Royal Opera House London, February 2012

Pappano's cast was similarly pleasing and fluent, led by an appealing Figaro-Susanna pairing of Ildebrando D’Arcangelo and Aleksandra Kurzak...Kurzak, meanwhile, was pert, perky and mischievous, and turned in a beautiful ‘Deh vieni’.

Opera Magazine - Hugo Shirley

...Figaro and Susanna are the best cast, and that pair can rescue, or justify, anything. Aleksandra Kurzak has appeared in this production before, but though always wonderful, she has never been so complexly in possession of the role, so that while her Act IV aria is the climax of her part, perhaps of the opera, it hardly stands out from the erotic energy, delight and resourcefulness that she has shown the whole way through.

The Spectator - Michael Tanner

I leave the best for last and that is Aleksandra Kurzak’s Susanna, her Act IV ‘Deh vieni, non tardar’ was stunning and indicates that everyone should see her in Figaro while they can – if she is as good with angst as she is in comedy her beautiful silvery soprano voice must be destined for more significant Verdi, and possibly Puccini, roles in years to come. She is the complete actor-singer and was clearly the stage-manager for the events of the whole opera, and she valiantly endured all the groping and controlled everything with a winning smile and an abundance of innate charm that they cannot teach in the music college.

Seen and Heard International - Jim Pritchard

The Polish soprano Aleksandra Kurzak was, if anything, even better as Susanna, combining fresh good looks and a beautiful voice with a mixture of innocence and cunning in the way she portrayed the role that was absolutely perfect. - William Hartston

Aleksandra Kurzak is a sparkling, bright-voiced Susanna. - Clare Colvin

In the vocal department plaudits go to the Italian bass-baritone Ildebrando D’Arcangelo, and the Polish soprano Aleksandra Kurzak – as fine a Figaro and Susanna as one could wish for. Ms Kurzak’s sexy and endearing maid exhibited vulnerability as well as the usual perkiness. She sang throughout with a firm, gleaming tone that broadened into warm lyricism for her immaculate rendition of “Deh, vieni, non tardar”... At least we are left with bravura turns from Ms Kurzak, D’Arcangelo,Pappano, and the production team.

Opera Britannia - Steve Silverman

...Kurzak's gleaming tone in the bel canto repertoire...her singing is admirable...

The Guardian - Tim Ashley

Here the undoubted star was Aleksandra Kursak’s Susanna, ever musical, ever lively, and above all ever alert to the twists and turns Da Ponte and Mozart lovingly throw her way. One could not, for the duration of the performance, imagine it being done better any other way. Phrasing was telling but unobtrusive, likewise her sideways glances.

Opera Today - Mark Berry

Also returning as timid Susanna is Aleksandra Kurzak, who also gave her a feisty heart when it mattered. Her singing was warm and poetic. - Kevin Rogers

In Leah Hausman's current revival, the cast could hardly be better. At the heart of it lie Ildebrando D'Arcangelo as Figaro and Aleksandra Kurzak as Susanna. Both played the roles here in 2008, and also appeared as Selim and Fiorilla in Il turco in Italia in 2010. They form a couple who know each other inside out, being highly aware of their opposite's foibles, and always ready to stand up to, or conversely rescue, each other... Kurzak gives an equally spirited and polished performance, rebuking her fiance for seeing humour in the situation, pointedly dropping a linen basket at Marcellina's feet, and almost pleading with the audience not to give her and the Countess away following Cherubino's escape from the bedroom. She comes across as both a feisty and understanding figure, but is capable of revealing her own vulnerabilities to the full. Throughout the evening her singing is characterised by beautiful tone, sensitivity and expression, and her performance of 'Deh, vieni, non tardar' is particularly impressive. - Sam Smith

Ildebrando D’Arcangelo’s assertively masculine Figaro matches Aleksandra Kurzak’s spry, fast-thinking Susanna perfectly.

The Stage

Aleksandra Kurzak’s silvery bright Susanna... Kurzak and D’Arcangelo, both in the 2008 revival, bring a delightful fluidity to their roles and movement, mastering the stage in every situation, Kurzak all feline sensuality, D’Arcangelo becoming more and more like the suave Spanish Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story 3 (and that’s a compliment).

BBC Music Magazine - Helen Wallace

The pairing of Ildebrando d'Arcangelo and Aleksandra Kurzak as Figaro and Susanna is a tried and tested one: d'Arcangelo blustering and slightly confused, Kurzak gorgeous in looks and sound and nicely credible in the stock role of the servant who is pretty and innocent but thoroughly streetwise.

Bachtrack - David Karlin

Ildebrando D’Arcangelo’s rich-voiced Figaro was gruff, buff and brooding; his Susanna, Aleksandra Kurzak, witty and vocally melting. Together their sweetly-matched partnership dominated the opening performance.

Whatsonstage - Mark Valencia